Thank you for supporting live music!

RELIV Presidential Ambassador, Sue Brusa, returns as a tour sponsor for a FIFTEENTH year!

For the fifteenth consecutive year, Portsmouth, NH resident Sue Brusa, an independent distributor of RELIV, is a tour sponsor of the Don Campbell Band. An avid music fan and dancer, Sue met Don and the Band in 2004, and immediately came on board as a tour sponsor. 

"After being a country dancer for over 20 years, I met the Don Campbell Band at one of their shows in Stratham, NH, and I was hooked forever on their fabulous music. Knowing that they were different than just a "weekend gig", I started following them because they were extraordinarily talented. I loved that Don changed people's lives with his music just as I changed people's lives with our business of patented nutrition. 

When I had the opportunity to become a sponsor, I knew then "it was a match made in heaven" and have never looked back in 15 years. Together we're impacting so many lives, helping people realize their dreams through better health and a more enriched lifestyle."

Sue's husband Bob is also in the business around his duties with The Warrior Connection. Bob, a Green Beret and Special Forces Army Veteran, is actively involved with the organization's mission to connect Veterans to Themselves, Families and Communities through specialized retreats.  

For more information, take a look at the quick video below and/or contact Sue or Bob Brusa at 603-490-0160 or 603-401-8991 or through their website,