Special Edition Email from Portland, Maine



In this note:


  • Last minute updates on Sept 8-Sept 9 Weekend Cruises aboard the Bay Mist in Casco Bay (one show is sold out but you can still join us on the other!
  • New Music of Dan Fogelberg concerts announced

Hello from Portland, Maine!


Every September and October, the city of Portland is visited almost daily by cruise ships and passengers, many of the ships altering the seascape of the harbor by their massive size! I have the pleasure of welcoming a lot of these passengers through music appearances. Because they aren't public events, they don't show up on my website calendar, but suffice it to say, the mornings are bustling around here!


Quickly for local friends, I wanted to give an update on this weekend's Casco Bay Lines music/party/harbor cruises in Portland. Saturday's cruise sold out a few days ago. There are tickets available for our event on Friday evening the 8th, which is a 6-9 pm sunset-music-party-cruise-the-bay benefit for a fantastic organization called United Farmer Veterans of Maine. We look forward to fun, tunes, views, beverages, dancing and listening, and to raising money to build one of 300 cottages going up to house veterans on farms around the State.


Tickets are $25 and thanks to a generous sponsorship, every dollar of that will go towards the Twenty-Two 2x4 Cottage Project Campaign.  Here's the link to buy tickets to this very special cruise event:  LINK  or you can link to it from the schedule page at Don Campbell Music.




Music of Dan Fogelberg:


While we are "up north", we are wishing our friends from and with the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria a great weekend of music, theater, and friendship in Music City (Tennessee!) this weekend. Enjoy Nashville and one another! To stay tuned to events, programs, music and the ongoing story of Dan's great legacy, visit www.fogelberg.rocks


As we mentioned in the last note, we will be returning to the Mid-West in Spring 2018 and are actively working on shows in Northern California for later in the year. Those dates are coming soon!


The six-piece version of the Don Campbell Band looks forward to a return to Jonathan's of Ogunquit (Maine) on Saturday, October 21st to celebrate Dan's music. Other Evening of Dan Fogelberg concert events on the horizon include Saturday, January 27th in New Hartford, CT when we make our first appearance at The Parrott Delaney Tavern. Tickets will be on sale soon but take a peek at this place! We're going to have a great mid-winter time there.  We are also looking forward to a Florida concert event outdoors in Lauderhill, FL on Saturday, February 24th. It'll be held at the Lauderhill Sports Park and is brought to you by the City of Lauderhill, Florida! More info soon, but hope you'll keep the date in mind!


We are keeping Florida friends and family in mind as Hurricane Irma sweeps into the region this weekend. We are holding communities affected by Harvey in our hearts as well as those in Irma's Caribbean path. 


Safe travels to all those on the move this week and thanks to all for your kindness and care,