Music in celebration, healing and recognition





Dear Friends,


It's been a surreal week. Much of the State of Maine was left in the dark last Sunday night when powerful winds knocked out power to about two-thirds of the population. Over the week, the lights have come back on with the help of crews from all over the country and Canada. Seeing trees uprooted, snapped or twisted; wires down or hanging and telephone poles dangling reminds me of other storms I've witnessed in awe, and makes me think of my Dad, whose first job was with the telephone company installing telephone poles. 


My Dad was a Marine. He served, came home to Maine, worked for and retired from the telephone company, raised three kids with my Mom, loved his grandson and was my best friend. I was with him in Florida when he died in late September 2009. Two days later, I flew back to New England to meet up with my bandmates on the road. My Dad didn't miss a day of work in his life. He'd have let me have it if I had missed a gig. The shows went on. Music is healing. 


Our friend and Music of Dan Fogelberg show bandmate, Kris Rodgers, lost his father this week to a rare lung disease. It was diagnosed just two weeks before his death. Mike was 57. When I met Kris in early 2012, I met his family. They are close, loving and supportive of each other - friendly, fun and solid. This is a staggering and sudden loss, and we are keeping Kris and his whole family close in our thoughts. 


When Kris plays piano and sings with us, you enjoy just a taste of his talents.  He is a songwriter, arranger, band leader and music teacher. He started a fall tour two nights ago with his own band and they are spreading rock n' roll music from New England to PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, IL, MO and back over the next two weeks. I know his Dad will be riding along with him the whole way. He was so proud of his son. Kris' tour schedule and music is available at 




Please join us for a special Saturday evening of music in historic Bath, Maine at the Chocolate Church Arts Center! 


Saturday, November 11 at 7:30 pm - The Band plays a mix of Veterans themed original songs and covers, spanning genres and tempos as we appreciate Veterans. Tom Yoder starts the show with a powerful instrumental version of the National Anthem. This show is two sets with an intermission. The Chocolate Church is a very special venue. Hope you can join us and please pass the word!  Veterans and guests are complimentary. $15 advance for others/$18 at door. Please go to for more information. 


Saturday, November 18 - The Trio performs as part of a great co-bill with Jon Pousette-Dart! This show will be held at the Franco Center in Lewiston, ME and is a benefit for Community Concepts, an important organization serving three counties in Maine. Concert tickets are $35 or you can get a VIP wine, dinner and show package for $85. The concert starts at 8 pm. Dinner portion of show at 6 pm. Tickets and info: 


Other show notes:


This Friday, I'm proud to be a part of the 50th-anniversary-in-music show of friend, neighbor, and musical hero, Jonathan Edwards. JE invited a cast that includes Livingston Taylor, Aztec Two-Step, Jon Pousette-Dart, Tom Snow and many others. The show sold out quickly (Infinity Hall, Hartford CT). 50 years is a heckuva run and Jonathan is going strong into his next 50!


The Band kicks off the Christmas season on November 30th, but I'll not get ahead of the holidays just yet! (Although Maine friends, please check out the Magical Country Christmas concert and dinner event we are a part of at Snow Pond Center for the Arts in Sidney on Dec 9th! It's going to be a great night!)



Many thanks to all of the Veterans and their families. 


Many thanks to Mike Rodgers, my Dad, and the parents we miss, and for the examples they set. 


Many thanks to you for reading along and for your friendship in music.




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