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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dan Fogelberg was a multi-platinum selling artist, with hits such as "Leader of the Band", "Longer", "Same Old Lang Syne" and a large and diverse catalog of over 20 albums. He passed away in 2007 after a three year battle with prostate cancer.  Dan remains a huge influence and musical hero of Don's. On November 13, 2012, Don released a double CD, Kites To Fly: Celebrating the Music of Dan Fogelberg and in January, 2013, began presenting live performances of this music around his own busy schedule of Don Campbell Music shows. His performances are endorsed by The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria whose leadership also brought the Band to Dan’s hometown of Peoria, IL to headline one of its annual Dan Fogelberg Celebration Weekends. 

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(you can also let us know your donation preference: we donate a portion of all album sales to either the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria, Prostate Cancer Foundation or World Wildlife Fund or combo.)


Upcoming Evening (or Afternoon) of Dan Fogelberg Music Shows

Mon Aug 13, 2018 - 7:30 pm

Beautiful concert setting and campus of Snow Pond Academy, Sidney, ME

Dan Fogelberg's Birthday 

Tickets on sale now!


Sat Oct 27, 2018 - 8 pm

Jonathan's of Ogunquit, Ogunquit, ME

Tickets on sale now! 

Booking Information:

For Northern New England shows, house concerts and private events, please contact us at or 207-332-1261

For other regions/National shows, please contact Eddie Camolli at Hungry Ear Agency - or 207-333-0281


Kites To Fly: Celebrating The Music Of Dan Fogelberg -   Customer Reviews 

Kites To Fly
5 stars by Marcy S.

While I terribly miss Dan, Don Campbell's tribute album most certainly channels Dan for me. I didn't think there was another angelic voice out there until I heard this album. Kites To Fly has brought a long lasting smile to my face.

5 stars by Jonathan Applewart

It's really hard to cover somebody as good as Dan Fogelberg for an entire album. But Don has enough similarity to the voice and understates the arrangements to provide a tribute that is definitely worth owning. Well done...

Awesome Tribute      
5 stars by Nashville on the Way

Don's tribute to Dan is wonderful. I loved it.


Love the album
5 stars By savenergy on January 3, 2015  Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

Love the album. It's a great tribute. Don does a wonderful job of not making it too like Dan Fogelberg but adding his own flavor to it. Thanks to Don for making this and hope we hear more music from him in the future!

Wonderful music to my ears!
5 stars By MollyG on April 28, 2014 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

I recently went to a fundraiser where Don sang and I bought this CD immediately after I got home. His voice is so smooth and such a pleasure to hear him perform. So glad I bought this CD

Attention Fogelberg Fans
5 stars By Raymond T. Sheldon on September 6, 2013 Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase

Don Campbell has a great story about how he discovered Dan Fogelberg's music as a 16 year old in Maine. He has been inspired mucically ever since and has released quite a few albums himself. We downloaded this album before seeing Don and his band live in a tribute concert in Peoria, IL, Dan's home town. The songs are timeless, Don and his band do a very faithful cover of many of the best Fogelberg songs. Don mentioned at the concert that Fogelberg's songs are like a favorite kite that you just need to take out and fly every once in a while -- hence the allbum's name. If you are a "Dan Fan," he is irreplaceable, but this album is a great reminder of what a great talent he was. Don and his band are quite talented in their own right, and in fact, we were so impressed, we bought one of his other albums at the concert.

Other Reviews:

“It would have been easy for Campbell to just go in and re-record Fogelberg’s greatest hits. but by giving a nod to all the different phases of his career, Campbell showcases what a magnificently (and deceptively) diverse song catalogue Fogelberg created. Campbell delivers his versions of the songs with love and reverence.”
Rick Johnson, Portland Press Herald 

“This latest work is absolutely magnificent and monumental. I can hear your love for Dan and his music in every single beautifully-formed note.” - Hugh Bowden, Ellsworth American

Concert Reviews:

“I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so much love pouring down from the stage over my audience as it did yesterday. Your performance brought up so much emotion, happiness, compassion, memories and love in me and in my audience that it can only be described as magical.” -  Joan Chamberlain, Exec. Director, St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts, Berlin NH 

“Dan’s spirit was in that room last night. We sang and laughed and cried.”  - Annie B

LINK to The Living Legacy Site: (click on photo below)

LINK to the Fogelberg Foundation Of Peoria: (click on photo below)

Personal, "Sailing" friends of Dan Fogelberg, Kevin and Carolyn Harris of Maine!  These kind, sweet people come to many of our performances, celebrating Dan and his great music.  Always sharing warm, and often funny memories of Dan and his wit.
A privilege to know these folks for sure!

Personal, "Sailing" friends of Dan Fogelberg, Kevin and Carolyn Harris of Maine! These kind, sweet people come to many of our performances, celebrating Dan and his great music. Always sharing warm, and often funny memories of Dan and his wit. A privilege to know these folks for sure!

LINK to Dan Site: (click on photo below)

LINK to Dan Fogelberg Facebook Page: (click on photo below)


August 20, 2013 - Thanks to the great people at WCSH6 in our home port of Portland, Maine, we have a 9 plus minute video of the six-piece ensemble performing the Power of Gold and Part of the Plan (and Don talks to Rob Caldwell between songs about Kites To Fly and Music of Dan Fogelberg shows!). 

LINK TO VIDEO Don Campbell Performs on 207 - Leader Of The Band/Interview/Make Love Stay


Video courtesy of Gene Tourangeau



September 2013 concert update:  We are proud to announce Music of Dan Fogelberg shows around our regular Don Campbell Music shows and show traditions. This information is also available on our Tour calendar page. Thank you to everyone who has made it to one of these concerts thus far in 2013.  We have been honored to present this show in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Illinois and look forward to new markets soon!

March, 2013: Two extremely exciting announcements to share! We are thrilled that we will perform at the 4th Annual Dan Fogelberg Celebration Weekend in Dan's hometown of Peoria, IL on Saturday, August 31st.  We will be presenting with our six piece ensemble, including Don, Tonya, Tom Yoder on violin, Kris Rodgers on piano, Sumner McKane on electric and acoustic guitar and Todd Richard on drums/percussion. In related news, "Kites To Fly: Celebrating The Music Of Dan Fogelberg" has been nominated for Tribute Album of the Year in the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards! More information coming soon!

February, 2013. Happy to announce our next three Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music shows...Newburyport, MA - March 23; Bath, ME - Derby Day, May 4; Berlin, NH - Cinco de Mayo! May 5. Details on our Tour page!  We are looking forward to taking this show around the country!

January, 2013.  Kites To Fly remained at #1 on the Bull Moose (music store) charts for its first six weeks of release! In ONLY six weeks, it became the 3rd best selling regional CD of the entire year for 2012.  Thanks to our friends at Bull Moose and to the customers of its 11 stores around Maine and New Hampshire!  On Saturday, January 26th, the four-piece presented the very first public performance of "An Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music" to a sold out Lyric Music Theater audience in South Portland, Maine. Heavenly.

December News: We are so thankful for the wonderful response we have received over the first month of the release of Kites To Fly. In Maine & NH, the collection debuted at #1 on the Bull Moose (music store) charts and has remained at #1 for four straight weeks.  The reviews have been beautiful, but perhaps the most meaningful feedback has come from those of you who love Dan and his music as much as we do. We are so grateful for your encouragement, support and feedback through our first month of release.  In mid-December, we were proud to make our first donation to the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria!  On December 29th, the trio presented an Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music for the very first time at a beautiful house concert on a snowy, wintry Maine night.

As you may have read, we are making donations to three different organizations from sales of the Kites To Fly CDs. We were pleased to make the first donation to the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria this week and will be making donations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and World Wildlife Funds later this month. Thanks again, friends, for helping all of this be possible. 

November 6 - Great news! The shipment is on its way and we will be shipping all pre-orders on Thursday, November 8th! Our official release date in Bull Moose stores around Maine & NH is Tuesday, November 13th, and in a couple of weeks the double CD will be available through national online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, CD Baby, iTunes, and more!

October 30 update -
Hello friends!  Due to Hurricane Sandy, we have learned from our NJ manufacturer that our delivery of the new CD has been delayed by a few days.  We are waiting to hear when we can expect the CDs and as soon as we have them we will immediately ship to all pre-orderers the very next day! Thanks for your patience and support and enthusiasm!

September 26 - We have a new timetable to announce for the release of Kites To Fly: Celebrating the Music of Dan Fogelberg.  Because Don decided to add a song from Dan's final CD, Love in Time, we extended our recording sessions and rescheduled the mastering sessions. Happily, we will be having the double CD mastered at Gateway Mastering Studio in Portland, Maine.  This is where Dan's final CD was mastered before its eventual release in 2009. Pre-orders will now be shipped the first week of November and we will have our official release date in mid-November. Additional song announcements are coming this week!  To order the Double CD (and/or the CD+T-shirt or CD+poster or package of all three), please see the Store section of our website.  Thanks for your support, patience and great enthusiasm for this project.

September 5, 2012 - Don announced the titles of more songs from the upcoming double CD set, Kites To Fly, today.  Of the 23 songs on the collection, here are 13 of them, with the majority of the remaining songs to be announced the last week of September!:

Heart Hotels from Phoenix
Longer from Phoenix
There's a Place in the World for a Gambler from Souvenirs
Changing Horses from Souvenirs
Part of the Plan from Souvenirs
Leader of the Band from Innocent Age
The Reach from Innocent Age
The Sand and the Foam from Innocent Age
Run For the Roses from Innocent Age
The Power of Gold from Twin Sons of Different Mothers
Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) from Windows and Walls
Missing You from Greatest Hits
Make Love Stay from Greatest Hits
Sutter's Mill from High Country Snows

August, 13, 2012 - We are proud to announce the advance sale of Don's upcoming double album, Kites To Fly: Celebrating the Music of Dan Fogelberg on Dan's birthday.  The project includes over 23 songs of some of Don's favorite Dan Fogelberg songs, many of the hits and a suprise guest or two.  For more information and/or to place your order, please click HERE.   We are very excited and proud to share this special project with you soon and thank you for your excitement and support!

JULY 26, 2012 - Announcement:  The pre-sale for the new Music of Dan Fogelberg CD(s) will begin on Dan Fogelberg's birthday, Monday, August 13th.  Starting that day, you will be able to place your orders through our website store or directly with us at our office by calling 207-332-1261.  We will also provide a form that you can print off and mail in with a check or money order if you prefer.  These forms will also be available at all live performances starting the week of August 13th.  The new album will be released in September and shipped to pre-sale orderers first!  There will be many exciting options available through our pre-sale.  The countdown is on!

JULY, 2012 - Around a busy month of shows, Don has worked in the studio adding songs to the project, clearly defining the Music of Dan Fogelberg project as a double album!  At 23 songs and still counting, the project contains many of Dan's hits as well as personal favorites of Don's.  Don will talk about each song on the album in an upcoming blog series as we countdown to the double album release later this summer.

JUNE 25, 2012 - Last week, Don was in his Maine studio singing Longer and finishing the music bed for the Part of the Plan with drummer/percussionist Todd Richard. After breaking for performances and a day on the ocean with family this past weekend, Don returns to the studio today to resume work on the project.   

JUNE 15, 2012 -  Recently Don announced that the first single from the new CD will be Heart Hotels, a song from Dan's 1979 Phoenix release. Recorded in Don's Nashville studio, it was mastered in mid-May by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine.  A sample of the song will be shared here first! 

JOURNAL: Celebrating the Music & Legacy

Countdown to Official Release! Celebrating the Songs. Saturday report! 

November 10, 2012 - A note from Tonya:  Last year, Don wrote a song called "Maybe Someday You Will".  It's going to be on his Spring 2013 CD release. I love the melody and there's imagery in the lyrics that hits sad and beautiful all at once in a subtle yet powerful way.  Dan Fogelberg was a master in that department. Today I'm sharing a short excerpt that Don wrote about Dan's "Heart Hotels" from his November 1979 Phoenix album.  "Heart Hotels" is song one on disc one of the Kites To Fly Double CD.  Enjoy your day!  From Don about "Heart Hotels": One of the great characteristics of Dan Fogelberg’s lyrics… never afraid to talk about the different rooms, chambers and contents of his heart.

Countdown to Official Release! Celebrating the Songs. Happy Friday! 

Nov. 9 - Hello Friends!  This is another note from Tonya...Today's excerpt from the new Kites To Fly liner notes is a passage Don wrote about Dan Fogelberg's "Run For The Roses" from the Innocent Age album of 1981. Have a great day, friends!

"I’ve decided that it is impossible to watch the Kentucky Derby without thinking of this song. Dan Fogelberg wrote this song especially for ABC Sports and the 1980 running of the Kentucky Derby. Interestingly, Dan used a unique technique as a songwriter here — the listener is actually the horse he’s speaking to. This could be a risky thing to do for many songwriters, but not for Fogelberg, as it totally works. I really love the harmony violins that Tom Yoder plays here, especially the note choices we made together at the end of the tune."

Countdown to Official Release! Celebrating the Songs. 

Nov. 8 - Today I thought I'd share an excerpt from the liner notes Don wrote about a song called "Scarecrow's Dream", a Fogelberg song from the Nether Lands album released in May, 1977:

This is a beautifully haunting song that I listen to every autumn. Only Fogelberg could convey lyrically how it feels to be a lonely scarecrow, affixed, unable to experience all of the great things in life that man gets to enjoy. “I hang in the hopes of replacement, castles tall, I build them all, but I dream that I’m trapped in the basement,” “Between the worlds of men and make-believe, I can be found.” There’s obviously no escape for this inanimate, man-like, thought-filled, human wannabe. In my opinion, this song is a masterpiece. I’ll never look at a scarecrow the same way again.

Countdown to Official Release! Celebrating the Songs. And UPS! 

Nov. 7, 2013 - Hello Friends!  This is Tonya writing this morning, and according to my iPhone, our shipment of CDs from the manufacturer is local!  "On Vehicle For Delivery"! It's an exciting day around here!  Today I decided to share an excerpt from the liner notes Don wrote about The Sand And The Foam from Dan's 1981 Innocent Age album.  Don sets it up by quoting lyrics from the song:  “Time stills the singing a child holds so dear, and I’m just beginning to hear… gone are the pathways the child followed home, gone like the sand and the foam.”    I often witness my two-and-a-half year old nephew Cam having fun, singing nursery rhymes with my 75-year-old Mom when she babysits for him. These are songs she used to sing to me as a child. They bring back great memories. Dan was right. All too soon, we give up the music of our childhood. And those little trusty paths we took home before it got too dark — they’ve all grown over.

Countdown to Official Release! Celebrating the Songs. 

Nov. 6, 2012 - This is Tonya writing with a countdown report!  We are one week away from the official release of Kites To Fly and to celebrate, we are featuring excerpts from the liner notes, written by Don about the songs he selected for this project.  Today we share his notes from LONGER, the huge hit from Dan's Phoenix album released in 1979.

“Stronger than a mountain cathedral” — pure Fogelberg. In my research for this project, I read that Dan wrote this song while lying in a hammock in Maui, looking up at the stars. He said that the song was just “drifting around the universe, saw him and decided that he’d be a good home for it.” The gift of a moment like that is almost as beautiful as the song itself. 

Oct 30 - Final track list and guest musicians announced! Album cover released! 

October 30 - Hello, post-Hurricane Sandy, to all of our friends!  We were very fortunate here in Maine over the last couple of days, although we have heard from our CD manufacturer in NJ that the storm will have an effect on our expected delivery this week.  We are waiting to learn our ship date, but anticipate it to be any day.  As soon as we receive the first shipment, we will immediately ship out all pre-orders with our thanks for the huge support.  I know that some of you have been waiting for the final track list, so here it is, in order!  Can't wait to share the finished product, including graphic design by Peter Shevenell and photography by Susan Lessard Raftice.

Disc One:

1) Heart Hotels
2) Illinois
3) Stars
4) Scarecrow's Dream
5) Make Love Stay
6) Longer
7) Hard To Say
8) Changing Horses
9) Sutter's Mill
10) The Reach
11) Forefathers
12) Run For The Roses

Disc Two

1) Part Of The Plan
2) Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
3) Missing You
4) The Power Of Gold
5) The Innocent Age
6) Days To Come
7) The Sand And The Foam
8) To The Morning
9) Leader Of The Band
10) Same Old Lang Syne
11) There's A Place In The World For A Gambler

Guest Musicians: Todd the Rocket Richard, Tom Yoder, Sumner McKane, Tonya Shevenell, Dan Merrill, Kris Rodgers, Dave Rowe, Tom Dyhrberg, Tom Snow and Jonathan Edwards

Mid-September Update from the Studio 

Hello friends,

We recently announced 13 of the 23 songs from the upcoming double CD release:

Heart Hotels from Phoenix
Longer from Phoenix
There's a Place in the World for a Gambler from Souvenirs
Changing Horses from Souvenirs
Part of the Plan from Souvenirs
Leader of the Band from Innocent Age
The Sand and the Foam from Innocent Age
Run For the Roses from Innocent Age
The Power of Gold from Twin Sons of Different Mothers
Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) from Windows and Walls
Missing You from Greatest Hits
Make Love Stay from Greatest Hits
Sutter's Mill from High Country Snows

We will be announcing the remainder at the end of September, but we were very pleased to recently receive permission and the license to record a song from Dan's final CD, Love In Time.  Days to Come was one of a special collection of songs that was released following Dan's passing.  The project was released in 2009 and this was one of our favorites from the album.  We felt like it was an important piece for our collection; so important that we made the decision to push our mastering sessions back and extend our recording timeframe. We hope that you will feel that the wait was well worth it! Thanks, as always, for your huge support of our music and specifically this very special project. 

Album Title Announced! 

Great progress has been made in the studio this week and we are happy to announce that the name of the new double CD project is Kites To Fly: Celebrating the Music of Dan Fogelberg by Don Campbell.  The name was inspired by a conversation that took place in Columbia, MO on Friday, March 2nd, following a visit to Dan's hometown of Peoria, IL on March 1st.  Don will be sharing that story directly with you soon but we are excited that the artwork for the album is taking shape and that very soon you will see and hear it for yourselves.  Our advance sale begins on Monday, August 13th, Dan's birthday.

Progress report from the Studio 

It's a busy week here on the coast of Maine, and around a full moon concert aboard the Casablanca cruise ship on Casco Bay (Portland); an opening performance for Jonathan Edwards at the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, and a performance for the USS Miami Recovery Effort Team at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Don continues to work on the double album.  Yesterday was spent working on vocal tracks for "Hard to Say"; and today he was collaborating on the album's most recent addition (a secret!).  We'll keep adding new notes as we countdown to the advance sale, scheduled for Monday, August 13th, Dan's birthday.  Thanks for reading and sharing!  Tonya