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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dan Fogelberg was a multi-platinum selling artist, with hits such as "Leader of the Band", "Longer", "Same Old Lang Syne" and a large and diverse catalog of over 20 albums. He passed away in 2007 after a three year battle with prostate cancer.  Dan remains a huge influence and musical hero of Don's. On November 13, 2012, Don released a double CD, Kites To Fly: Celebrating the Music of Dan Fogelberg and in January, 2013, began presenting live performances of this music around his own busy schedule of Don Campbell Music shows. His performances are endorsed by The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria whose leadership also brought the Band to Dan’s hometown of Peoria, IL to headline one of its annual Dan Fogelberg Celebration Weekends. 

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Upcoming Evening (or Afternoon) of Dan Fogelberg Music Shows

Mon Aug 13, 2018 - 7:30 pm

Beautiful concert setting and campus of Snow Pond Academy, Sidney, ME

Dan Fogelberg's Birthday 

Tickets on sale now!


Sat Oct 27, 2018 - 8 pm

Jonathan's of Ogunquit, Ogunquit, ME

Tickets on sale now! 

Booking Information:

For Northern New England shows, house concerts and private events, please contact us at or 207-332-1261

For other regions/National shows, please contact Eddie Camolli at Hungry Ear Agency - or 207-333-0281


Kites To Fly: Celebrating The Music Of Dan Fogelberg -   Customer Reviews 

Kites To Fly
5 stars by Marcy S.

While I terribly miss Dan, Don Campbell's tribute album most certainly channels Dan for me. I didn't think there was another angelic voice out there until I heard this album. Kites To Fly has brought a long lasting smile to my face.

5 stars by Jonathan Applewart

It's really hard to cover somebody as good as Dan Fogelberg for an entire album. But Don has enough similarity to the voice and understates the arrangements to provide a tribute that is definitely worth owning. Well done...

Awesome Tribute      
5 stars by Nashville on the Way

Don's tribute to Dan is wonderful. I loved it.


Love the album
5 stars By savenergy on January 3, 2015  Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

Love the album. It's a great tribute. Don does a wonderful job of not making it too like Dan Fogelberg but adding his own flavor to it. Thanks to Don for making this and hope we hear more music from him in the future!

Wonderful music to my ears!
5 stars By MollyG on April 28, 2014 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase

I recently went to a fundraiser where Don sang and I bought this CD immediately after I got home. His voice is so smooth and such a pleasure to hear him perform. So glad I bought this CD

Attention Fogelberg Fans
5 stars By Raymond T. Sheldon on September 6, 2013 Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase

Don Campbell has a great story about how he discovered Dan Fogelberg's music as a 16 year old in Maine. He has been inspired mucically ever since and has released quite a few albums himself. We downloaded this album before seeing Don and his band live in a tribute concert in Peoria, IL, Dan's home town. The songs are timeless, Don and his band do a very faithful cover of many of the best Fogelberg songs. Don mentioned at the concert that Fogelberg's songs are like a favorite kite that you just need to take out and fly every once in a while -- hence the allbum's name. If you are a "Dan Fan," he is irreplaceable, but this album is a great reminder of what a great talent he was. Don and his band are quite talented in their own right, and in fact, we were so impressed, we bought one of his other albums at the concert.

Other Reviews:

“It would have been easy for Campbell to just go in and re-record Fogelberg’s greatest hits. but by giving a nod to all the different phases of his career, Campbell showcases what a magnificently (and deceptively) diverse song catalogue Fogelberg created. Campbell delivers his versions of the songs with love and reverence.”
Rick Johnson, Portland Press Herald 

“This latest work is absolutely magnificent and monumental. I can hear your love for Dan and his music in every single beautifully-formed note.” - Hugh Bowden, Ellsworth American

Concert Reviews:

“I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so much love pouring down from the stage over my audience as it did yesterday. Your performance brought up so much emotion, happiness, compassion, memories and love in me and in my audience that it can only be described as magical.” -  Joan Chamberlain, Exec. Director, St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts, Berlin NH 

“Dan’s spirit was in that room last night. We sang and laughed and cried.”  - Annie B

LINK to The Living Legacy Site: (click on photo below)

LINK to the Fogelberg Foundation Of Peoria: (click on photo below)

Personal, "Sailing" friends of Dan Fogelberg, Kevin and Carolyn Harris of Maine!  These kind, sweet people come to many of our performances, celebrating Dan and his great music.  Always sharing warm, and often funny memories of Dan and his wit.
A privilege to know these folks for sure!

Personal, "Sailing" friends of Dan Fogelberg, Kevin and Carolyn Harris of Maine! These kind, sweet people come to many of our performances, celebrating Dan and his great music. Always sharing warm, and often funny memories of Dan and his wit. A privilege to know these folks for sure!

LINK to Dan Site: (click on photo below)

LINK to Dan Fogelberg Facebook Page: (click on photo below)

Video courtesy of Gene Tourangeau


JOURNAL: Celebrating the Music & Legacy